McEntire AFB, SC: McEntire Air National Guard, Eastover, South Carolina

Joint Armed Forces Reserve Center
Date Awarded: 9/29/2009
Completion Date: 10/2012
Contract Amount: $27,379,553
Location: McEntire Air National Guard
Eastover, South Carolina
Owner: USPFO for South Carolina
Contact: Major James Robinson

Project Description: This project for the South Carolina National Guard consists of construction of the Joint Armed Services Reserve Center, a 138,000 sf multi-purpose building and separate 3,800 sf vehicle maintenance building with hazardous material storage. This project includes a 20 acre full site-development package (clearing and grubbing, erosion control, site grading, installation of storm drainage system and domestic water and sewer systems, roadway and parking installation, as well as all associated landscaping and irrigation. The 138,000 sf structure is supported by a free standing structural steel frame on a shallow foundation system (spread footing and slab-on-grade) with a masonry, curtain wall and precast panel facade. The building is topped with both a modified bituminous and standing seam metal roof system. Interior components include light gauge metal stud framing for drywall and a raised access flooring system. Amenities for the building include office/administrative space, vehicle maintenance with hazardous material storage, fitness center with locker rooms, full service kitchen, storage areas, classrooms, assembly hall and an auditorium with stadium seating.