Design-Build Full Facility HVAC Replacement
Design-Build Full Facility HVAC Replacement
Date Awarded: 9/17/2012
Completion Date:
Contract Amount: $1,112,430
Location: US Army Reserve Center
Fort Jackson South Carolina
Owner: US Army Reserve - 81st
Regional Support Command
Contact: USACE – Charleston District
Lonnie D. Nielson MILCON PM
Office: 803-751-9061

Project Description: Complete HVAC reset. Work consists of replacement of major HVAC equipment and repairs in a 49,000 square foot single story administrative building. Work includes replacement of existing equipment with new equipment including three 30 ton air handlers with new 5 HP motors and fan bearings, replacement of actuators and sensors on 49 existing Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes, and installation of a complete Direct Digital Control (DDC) system with all new control wiring, actuators, sensors and related items.