Facility Upgrades – Design-Build Full HVAC Replacement

Facility Upgrades – Design-Build Full HVAC Replacement
Date Awarded: 1/15/2012
Completion Date:
Contract Amount: $524,217
Location: US Army Reserve Center
Myrtle Beach, SC
Owner: USAR 81st Regional Support Command
Contact: Stephanie Boderick

Project Description: Remove and replace the entire HVAC system at the U.S. Army Reserve Center located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Ikhana was contracted to assess the building, design the system, create the specifications, remove the existing system, including all electrical components and install the new HVAC system. The scope also included installing DDC controls, replacing electrical panels, and replacing all existing equipment with a Variable Volume and Temperature (VVT) system. The system allows for heating and/or cooling any area of the building, which will provides consistent environmental comfort throughout the building. Additional scope includes the removal and replacement of Acoustical Ceiling Tiles and lowering of ceiling heights.