Facility Repair / Repair Vehicle Exhaust System

Facility Repair / Repair Vehicle Exhaust System
Date Awarded: 9/29/2010
Completion Date: 3/2011
Contract Amount: $112,054
Location: US Army Reserve Center
Owner: US Army Reserve - 81st Regional Support Command
Contact: Army Reserve Contracting Center - South
MICC, Fort Jackson
Mark Blevins 803-751-5512

Project Description: TN001- Scope of project is to demolish the existing vehicle exhaust system in OMS TN001 Chattanooga, TN and replace it with a new exhaust removal system using retractable hose reels. The new system will meet or exceed current OSHA and ASHRAE requirements. KY094- Scope includes replacing maintenance bay and parts room lighting (existing T12, 8ft dual lamp) with F54T5HO (42ea). The light fixture must include 4 EA Emergency backup ballasts near two pedestrian exists, one in parts room, and one in maintenance bay area.