Design-Build Full Facility Headquarter Restoration

Design-Build Full Facility Headquarter Restoration
Date Awarded: 9/29/2010
Completion Date: 11/2011
Contract Amount: $1,998,860
Location: US Army Reserve Center
Decatur, Ga
Owner: US Army Reserve - 81st Regional Support Command
Contact: Army Reserve Contracting Center - South
MICC, Fort Jackson
William Russell (803) 751-9061

Project Description: The general intent is to repair and repair by replacement, failed and failing components of the interior and exterior of facility's Main Training Building to include: repair and replacement of the exterior and interior walls, ceiling and ceiling tiles, carpeting, ceramic floor tiles, vinyl floor tiles, windows, HVAC System, electrical panels, electrical distribution, flooring doors, windows, and plumbing fixtures and Emergency Fire Warning System, and rehabilitation of asphalt parking areas. Remove existing fence-line and replace with new fence-line, as well as providing all materials, equipment and labor required to: install security lights in the Military Equipment Parking (MEP) area and Incidental related work.