Design-Build Demolition and Repair Military Parking

Design-Build Demolition and Repair Military Parking
Date Awarded: 8/13/2010
Completion Date: 7/2011
Contract Amount: $573,512
Location: US Army Reserve Center
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Owner: US Army Reserve - 81st Regional Support Command
Contact: Army Reserve Contracting Center - South
MICC, Fort Jackson
Marian Korn 803-751-3908

Project Description: This project is a Design-Build Construction project. The general intent of this project is to improve the Military Equipment Parking (MEP) and Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) areas. The current condition of these areas is poor. Ikhana was contracted to design and construct the new facility. This includes the design, permitting, and construction of the 5 acres. Work consists of demolition of existing pavement and drainage structures; installation of new pavement; installation of new drainage structures; determination of Military Equipment Parking; design to current UFC standards in order to meet the ATFP (Anti-Terrorism Force Protection) requirement; and re-striping of the POV area. Design and construction will meet the local and state requirements.