Facility Renovation and Repair

Facility Renovation and Repair
Date Awarded: 9/27/2009
Completion Date: 12/2009
Contract Amount: $137,393
Location: US Army Reserve Center
Concord/Winston Salem, NC
Owner: US Army Reserve - 81st Regional Support Command
Contact: Army Reserve Contracting Center - South
MICC, Fort Jackson
Faye Jackson 803-751-9061

Project Description: Renovation and repair of the female latrine located on the second floor of BLDG 1330, Charlotte USAR Center. Renovation of existing male latrine located at the Winston-Salem USAR Center. Repair of walls, ceiling, floors, and doors and repair of stairwell landings and replacement of the back entry door in BLDG 1412 at the Charlotte USAR Center. Upgrade facility interior lighting to modern energy efficient type. Work to be done at the Concord USAR Center.